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Even if I now saw you
only once,
I would long for you
through worlds,

-Izumi Shikibu


Hello! It’s your fandom philosophy professor, here to talk a little bit about why Steve WOULD make the decision Hickman had him make in New Avengers issue 3, and why both him and Tony are acting in character!

I’d like to take you back. Back, to that one introduction to philosophy blow-off class you took that one time. You might have encountered something called the “Trolly Experiment”. If you haven’t, let me explain.

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lots of natashas

cap 2 sam wilson and steve rogers more like dashing black man holding dangerously large dorito

Anonymous whispered:
What exactly is mono-sexual?

straight people and gay people are monosexual. all it means is ‘attraction to one gender.’ in contrast, non-monosexual refers to anyone who is not monosexual (obviously :P.) so basically all queer people- bi, pan, ace, demi, etc.- that aren’t gay/lesbian.

in much the same way as talking about people of binary genders isn’t meant to equate cis and trans binary people, but to create a separate space for non-binary people to highlight the existence of non-binary genders and to discuss unique issues facing non-binary people, monosexual as a term is not meant to equate straight and gay people, but to create a space for non-monosexual people to highlight the existence of non-monosexualities and to provide a space to discuss non-monosexuality and the unique issues faced by non-monosexual people.


No mono, bro.


BUCKY AND NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011