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i’m so tired of this! if y’all don’t care what the bi community says about how we define it then you fucking don’t care about bi people which means you’re a biphobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot possibly make this more explicit. if you ignore our identities and our definitions and force yours on us you’re a biphobic fucking person

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Anonymous said:
so, the woman who gave a wrong definition of bisexual? sorry, i'm just trying to understand because what the op said seemed fine to me. i'm bi an when people assume it means only men and women it makes me mad. i want to know if i'm being problematic.

the op is totally fine. they’re saying they went and talked to someone supposedly campaigning for bisexual visibility and the person the OP talked to responded by misdefining bisexuality and saying it was transphobic and binarist even though it is literally vocal biphobic queer and pansexual identified people who insist that bisexuality means “men and women” even though the bisexual community includes MANY NB and binary trans people and the definition for bisexuality has ALWAYS included binary trans people and has included NB people since the fucking 80s.

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Anonymous said:
wait, are you mad at the op or the woman in the post?

the person who was pretending to rally for bisexual visibility and awareness while being a literal biphobe

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So I went to a bivisability rally today at my school. The woman running the thing was holding up a sign saying ‘ask a bisexual anything’. Someone asked “what does bisexuality mean to you?”

She went on to say that she identifies as not bisexual but ‘queer’ which is ‘under the bisexual umbrella’ and that ‘bi implies a binary, like men and women, and pan means all so they can have sex with trans and intersex people, and queer means I don’t feel like being specific or defining my sexuality… I’m just not straight.’



I had to correct her. I had to correct the lady running the bisexuality rally, pretending to represent bisexuals. I had to give this poor man the correct definition of bisexuality. This is what I have to put up with at my college. 

I do not care if you are under the ‘umbrella’ if you are not bi, do not define the word for us and spread the misconception that we are transphobic/binarist. LESBIANS DO NOT COME FROM LESBOS. GAY MEN AREN’T ALWAYS HAPPY. PANSEXUALS DO NOT HAVE A THING FOR PANS. I AM TIRED OF ARGUING THIS WITH PEOPLE IN SUPPOSEDLY SAFE SPACES.


hey you know what would be cool? if biphobes didn’t speak for or over bisexual identified people

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their entire relationship in every fanfic i’ve ever read

which also happens to be in canon

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Shonda Rhimes decimates NY Times critic who called her an “angry black woman” 

note to critics of the world: When you’re talking to African-American women, don’t use the tired “angry black woman” stereotype.

New York Times critic Alessandra Stanley, whose journalism career includes a laundry list of inaccuracies and errors, published a disgusting assessment of how Rhimes and her hit ABC series Scandal have changed the television landscape for black women. 

"When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography," Stanley begins, "it should be called How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman."

Rhimes didn’t let it go unanswered Follow micdotcom


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who the fuck hears ‘id like this character to be more visibly queer’ and interprets it as ‘id like this character to be a flamboyant stereotype’

straight people

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